Scientific Communications and Public Relations Lead (Senior Manager)

Remote · Full-time

About The Position

DeepCure is a therapeutics company with a mission to innovate drug discovery. Our drug discovery is powered by a platform that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and the world’s most advanced robotic chemistry synthesis. Our team and platform are focused on therapies that have the potential to transform the treatment of inflammation and autoimmune diseases for millions of patients.

We’re looking for an exceptional Senior Manager of Communications to engage potential biopharma partners, investors, scientists and future team members, and share our exciting technological breakthroughs and discoveries. Our ideal candidate is a high-energy individual, who loves to explain science in a way that is clear and compelling, initiate conversations with thought leaders, and create visuals and events that wow the audience.

More about DeepCure

DeepCure is built from the ground up with equal importance to computation and life sciences. Our mission is to deliver safer and more efficacious therapeutics to patients that are extremely unlikely to be discovered by traditional drug discovery tools. We are a team of curious, multidisciplinary, and impact-driven professionals on a quest to redefine the way drugs are discovered. Our main office is located in Boston.


  • Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in a Scientific discipline, Biology preferred (Scientific Education is a must for this position, only candidates who completed a Bachelors' (or higher degree) in a scientific discipline would be considered).
  • >3 years of marketing or communications experience in biotech or pharma environment
  • >2 years experience in a start-up or growth-phase company
  • Experience working independently, and being the owner and driver of communications
  • Experience organizing high-profile events, company conference appearances, and similar events.
  • Proven track record of writing and producing exciting public content
  • Design experience (including working knowledge of leading design tools)
  • Available outside office hours to attend conferences, meet deadlines, and fit with the schedules of partners around the world
  • Experience writing scientific publications (preferred but not required)
  • Willing to travel to conferences and to our Boston office as needed 
  • Adaptable with a bias-for-action

If you have a strong passion for communicating science and have the ability to infect people around you with that passion, we want to meet you! 

Please keep in mind that we are describing the background we imagine would best fit the role. Even if you don’t meet all of the requirements and are confident that you are up for the task, we want to get to know you!


As Senior Manager of Communications you will lead all communications and event activities.

  • Plan our communications strategy including content creation, media and content releases and conference calendar
  • Create content for social media, blogs, publications and conferences that is compelling to biopharma and healthcare technology researchers, business leaders and investors
  • Organize high-profile DeepCure partnering and scientific events
  • Own the DeepCure website including design, content and updates
  • Generate high-quality presentations and marketing materials with a strong narrative and amazing design
  • Foster relationships with journalists, conference organizers, communications/marketing teams of partners, and others (e.g. prominent health science and technology bloggers and podcasters)
  • Manage any external PR, design agencies, event-related companies, video producers/photographers or consultants


For the right candidate, we'll offer a competitive salary and a generous equity grant. Your compensation is rounded out by a strong benefits package:

  • A leadership team that values and prioritizes your professional development
  • Flexible work hours
  • Unlimited paid leave and sick time
  • 401(k) plan with employer matching 
  • Healthcare, vision, dental, and life insurance plans for you and your dependents
  • FSA with employer contribution 
  • Generous parental leave 
  • Great culture and environment that respects your work-life balance. 
  • Tax-advantaged commuter benefits for public transportation or parking next to our Boston downtown office. 
  • Work in a cool and vibrant space at the heart of Boston or anywhere else in the US. 

“Brainstorming on my challenges with all these amazing brains deserves a shout-out every sprint” (Jon, a member of our Machine learning team).

Most importantly, you'll have a huge impact, do important work, and work with a team of people you'll genuinely enjoy spending the day with.

DeepCure is an equal opportunity employer, dedicated to creating a workplace that is free of harassment and discrimination. We base our employment decisions on business needs, job requirements, and qualifications — that's all. We do not discriminate based on race, gender, religion, health, personal beliefs, age, family or parental status, or any other status. We don't tolerate any kind of discrimination or bias, and we are looking for teammates who feel the same way.

Transparency in coverage policy.

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Molecular Foundry

Manual synthesis dramatically stifles innovation in drug discovery for many reasons, including (i) substantial time costs, (ii) high FTE costs, (iii) low synthesis success rates (20-34%), and (iv) a bias towards known reactions.

At DeepCure, we are fixing these problems to unlock the vast chemical space that AI drug design tools want to explore, but don’t, because manually synthesizing such compounds would not be practicable.

Automated Robotic Custom Synthesis

Manual synthesis dramatically stifles innovation in drug discovery for many reasons, including (i) substantial time costs, (ii) high FTE costs, (iii) low synthesis success rates (20-34%), and (iv) a bias towards known reactions. 


At DeepCure, we are fixing these problems to unlock the chemical space that AI drug design tools want to explore but can’t because it is not practicably available to most chemists.














made possible with automated analytical evaluation, purification, evaporation, etc.

made practicable with automated reaction development

made feasible with miniaturization & quick turnaround (2-10 days)

Notes: 1 4+ by Q2 2024. 2 Planned to reach by end of 2024.


Our molecular generation tool, MolGen™, designs novel, diverse compounds. Using state-of-the-art deep reinforcement learning (RL), MolGen™ constructs synthesizable compounds with features that capture the important molecular interactions for binding and selectivity, as well as deliver the desired ADME-tox profile of the target candidate profile (TCP).

Output of PocketExpander™

MolGen™ – building & iterating compounds

Novel, potent, & selective compound

Hypothesis Generation

Unlike other AI drug discovery companies, DeepCure does not use AI to simply match a library of compounds to a known pocket. Instead, we use our patent-pending AI methods to create causal, data-driven, human-interpretable hypotheses for binding to a given protein target. This enables us to go beyond known binding sites and ligands.


Our hypothesis generation starts with a rigorous analysis of available structural information. Beyond the standard steps involved in structure preparation, our proprietary protocols also include methods for repairing structures (e.g. building missing loops) and generating more robust structures leveraging molecular dynamics (MD).


For most therapeutic targets, there is no data, limited data, or biased data. PocketExpander™ allows us to generate novel hypotheses by leveraging AI/ML and computational chemistry methods to map the protein surface and identify novel binding modes (shown as colored dots). The outputs serve as the blueprints for our molecular generation tool, i.e. MolGen™.

Causal Analysis

ML methods for drug discovery typically focus on correlations, which lead to biases for the types of compounds that have previously failed in discovery. In contrast, DeepCure uses a causal ML approach to find binding interactions without the biases for fruitless binding modes to design truly novel compounds.

Medicinal chemists engage in a conversation with explainable models

DeepCure’s platform is designed to be human-interpretable. By seeing how molecules are predicted to interact with the protein, scientists can make rational design changes to the molecule and explore interesting molecular interactions – ensuring we don’t blindly follow the ML algorithm or chemists’ intuition.