Derrick Miyao

VP of Molecular Foundry

Derrick Miyao joined DeepCure as the Vice President of Molecular Foundry. Derrick Miyao is a trailblazer in robotic synthesis and automated assays. Derrick joins DeepCure from Neurocrine, where he spent 20 years creating systems for automated drug discovery, including building two systems that can synthesize 10,000 compounds a day and successfully integrating synthesis with affinity binding for a closed discovery loop. At DeepCure, Derrick will lead the Molecular Foundry, our fully automated synthesis and screening lab in Rehovot, Israel. When asked about the lab, Derrick replied, “it is something I’ve always believed was the key to unlocking new drugs and pushing the limits of what we can discover. The impact will result in getting better drugs to market faster than traditional methods and more treatments for those who need it.”